One step closer to PyeongChang :)

Posted by Marianne on 29 June 2016
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A couple weeks ago we had a meeting with head of the Dutch Climbing/Mountaineering Federation (NKBV), Robin Baks.

Robin talked about recent developments and we displayed our wishes and ideas for the future of our sports.

And Robin had a HUGE news item for us.
Iceclimbing is recognized by the Dutch Olympic Committee NOC*NSF.

How it used to be in 2015.

Since the changes in 2012 the NOC*NSF has a very strict scheme compared to most countries on how to get a recognition. So strict most sports will never get in. A pity, I find. For example the finances are arranged where only the ten sports where we had results in the past will get fully funded to develop and maintain their results. The rest? Practically gets nothing.
Making a lot of international top-athletes having to fight in a double life and choose every day between having enough finances and a job and performing a 100% for their sports. An impossible fight where the full potential will never been shown.
The Dutch news broadcaster NOS wrote about this.
And many Federations, clubs and individuals protested.
Also sportsclimbing was affected.
But iceclimbing wasn’t affected at all, as we didn’t have any funding yet anyway.

The current status for 2017 :D

Now the men’s iceclimbing is officially categorized at TOPSPORT.
As woman I have to do with less due to the awkward rules the sports for me is only an International Competition Sports. It’s like saying: ‘oh, Dennis, I really see you’re doing well, but that thing Marianne does is really not so difficult, she doesn’t really do as much, doesn’t really train as hard as you, so let’s reward you and your sports a little more.’

But it’s something! Thats everything, so much more, compared to what we ever had!

Now let’s go for the next goal: Olympics at South Korea…and Beijing…!

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