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Competition Kirov 28e on Lead

I just finished climbing and it didn’t go really well.. The new rules say that every climber has 2 try’s to clip the first draw so if you fall down before the clip you can start again.

I was climbing as number 3 on the list wearing bib number 16 .  The climbing structure is really big made below a ski-jump. With -25 celisius outside it’s really challenging to even be outside. The route was just drytooling with no ice. After a little warming up it was my time to start. Rob Gibson started before me and made it half way.

When i Started there was some light left at 14:45. The start looked realy hard but the part after looked good. The first move was a big sideways move and then a tension move into a little roof. After that 2 hard long figure of fours, which i justed made. But then I tried to made a dynamic move and my axe popped.

So I was having another go because of the new rules and I climbed the same bit and found out the hold was twisted. So I try to climb it any way but I popped off again. I told the judge it was a technical problem so they brought me back to the isolation to wait for another 4 people climb.

Photo Rob Gibson

After waiting and feeling really tired it was my go again. I started the same way reaching the same part made the hold that popped last time and carried on half way up the structure then i made the mistake of trying to climb too fast and poppedf again and fell of. Being really disappointed.

Photo Rob Gibson

I finised at 28 place

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