Verticals training dry-tools

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New! Special introduction price of €121 a pair!


Training dry-tools for special made for safe indoor use.

These tools are shaped like real ice tools to simulate the touch and feel of real ice climbing and dry tooling.

The pick is cover with a sturdy rubber, to protect the rock climbing holds and still give a good grip like a rock climbing shoe.

The tools are made from multiple layers of laminated  wood for great strength and durability.

  • The tools are sold in pairs
  • weight is 175 grams
  • axial Strength 1000 N
  • replaceable rubber pads available on request



These tools are made for indoor use only! They are perfect for bouldering and toprope climbing.

Please make sure that the tools are secured to the climbing rope!

Use a leash or bungee :Do NOT connect the leash directly to the harness since this might result in loading the tools with more that body weight and the leash/ tools might brake and result in flying and falling parts. Allways use a helmet when climbing with any form of ice tools!






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