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Rabenstein IWC

The very inventious mobile icewall used for the speedclimbing demo in the centre of Meran.
Quick thought: can’t we use this to promote iceclimbing?

Rabenstein didn’t really go as planned.
After a nice break in Arco I thought I was ready for the comp.
But I guess the stress of making it in time to Rabenstein with a broken gearbox and more ‘endless-Marianne-thoughts’ wasn’t helping me.

Dennis asked if I could please stop trying to burn a hole in the ceiling of his campervan.

I ended 13th after a slow quarterfinal where it took me longer then expected to find the right way to use the holds and the insecure climbing in the semi’s gave me a time-out before I was pumped.
The disappointment didn’t help with the speedclimbing either and there I ended lower then ever too…

Dennis did slightly better when it was so warm that he got a block of ice the size of a microwave on his chest when climbing the qualifications and thus didn’t reach the semi’s.
But as he’s looking solid on speed he made it to a 4th place :) He’s now even 2nd in the overall ranking!
See his blog for more pics/stories.

That performance overruled our disgust to Romania and the awful experience we had last year on that comp… We’re going to Romania again… Hoping to get Dennis to a first place in the worldranking.

That all leaves us 1,5 weeks left in the Alps.
Time for real ice!

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