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Via ferrata – via fun?

I’m back in France after a couple weeks of full-full-full-time work (including all weekends…)

Happy to be free again and happy to be in the mountains again and even happier to see Dennis again.
Tough, Dennis is working every day so I have to figure how to have fun on my own.

As I’ve been giving Workshops about Viaferrata for the NKBV and I will be doing some presentations for Petzl about the subject I thought it would be good to get some practice.
So I went up the ‘Cascade de L’Oule’ in Crolles. An ED viaferrata which is supposed to be really, extremely difficult.
And yes I was surprised about the difficulty of the thing! Real overhanging climbing for meters and meters. Okay, it’s not 7a, its definitely not 8a but as a guess I would say it’s like a continuous 5b overhang.
The topo said it would take 3 hours to climb it and 1 hour to walk to the start. I made it in just over 2 hours in total and decided to do the D alternative as well. In the end I was wet of the waterfall spray, the rain and the sweat.
Never thought I’d get tired doing a viaferrata :)

Let’s go again (on restdays)

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