HYDRA Leash Blueice


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Thanks to the Blueice Hydra Leash system, you can now link up the pitches when alpine, mixed or ice climbing, with both freedom and safety. Compatible with all types of ice tools, up to the most technical, the Hydra leash allows you to quickly connect them with two wide gate opening carabiners, avoiding to lose your tools. Its lightweight swivel allows you to manipulate your tools with total freedom of movement. At 54g, the Hydra leash is an essential tool for your boldest alpine, mixed and ice projects.

  • 2 ultralight elastic leashes (length: 80cm, up to 135cm once stretched)
  • 2 high spring tension carabiners with wide open gates
  • Ball-and-socket swivel allows for freedom of movement
  • Strength: 2kN


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