Merlin cam Size “8”


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The Merlin cams is special made for off-width climbing.

This is the only (web) shop (in Europe ) where this cam is in stock and available.

The Merlin cams has a patented control horn activation mechanism. The control horn mechanism eliminates the geometrical constraints placed on other large cams and allows for a larger camming range, resistance to buckling, and lower weight. This cam is almost double the strength over the Blackdiamond new number 8.

The Merlin cams also have a patent pending trigger lock mechanism that allows the cams to be locked in the retracted position and easily deployed with one hand while climbing.


WEIGHT 570g / 20.10oz
CAM HEAD 4 lobes, double axle
OFFSET No offset
STEM semi Rigid single stem (cable through a tube)
SLING Red 9 cm x 18 mm Nylon / Polyamide (single loop)
CAMMING ANGLE 15° (angle is consistent throughout)
CAM RANGE 139.7 – 251.5 mm  (5.50 – 9.90 in) ­
MATERIALS Main Material: Lobes are 6061 T6 aluminum. Stem assembly and axles are stainless steel of various types.
Wire Material: 17-4 H1025 stainless


Trigger Lock: A unique trigger lock mechanism enables the cam to be locked in the closed position and easily unlocked and expanded with one hand while climbing.

Control Horns: The patent-pending control horn architecture places the trigger mechanism internal to the cam lobes and enables the maximum camming range of the two axle architecture.

Clevises: Clevises attached to the control horns are threaded onto brass couplers and allow adjustment of the locked position of each cam lobe. The clevises also allow easy replacement of trigger wires.

Semi rigid Stem: The cable through the hollow stem made from 17-4 H925 stainless steel is incredibly strong and allows precise control for retraction of cam lobes and cam placement. The rigid tube stem also makes it easy to move the cam above you.

Testing: All cam stem assemblies are tested to 7 kN to ensure good silver solder joints.

Cam Use

Disclaimer: Climbing is dangerous! Never trust your life to just one piece of gear. Large cams are more prone to failure due to off-axis loading than small cams and as such these cams are for experienced trad climbers only.

Storage: Store in the open position for long periods of time. Cam can be stored in the closed and locked position for transportation.

Trigger Lock: Leave cam open while sorting out rack on the ground to help keep dirt out of the control horn mechanism. Retract cam and engage trigger lock while racking just before climbing. Cam is easy to unlock and place while climbing with one hand.

Weight 570 g

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