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IWC Saas Fee

As usual. Nervous. Already.

But thats apparently how it works with me and competitions. The only way to solve it is, as far as I know, become just much stronger then I’d need to be to compensate for the weakness that comes with the nerves.

We missed the first two competitions; the first which was in Korea (too far away and thus too expensive) and the one in Romania (too horrible, after the food poisoning, hotel, train and safety issues I’d never go there again)

This weekend Dennis and I will be at Saas Fee. The comp where Dennis did his awesome speed run. Best timing and performance ever :)
He’s not feeling too good lately but we have been active in training. Hopefully it will be good enough for him to get the awesomeness again, but you know… Iceclimbing is always quite a gamble. One zip and you’re out…

I won’t be expecting much of the speed climbing for myself but hopefully my strength will be sufficient to reach the lead finals this year.

All the results can be found here:

And the whole comp will be live on Swiss tv here:

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