We love to sharing our experiences.

The last years they’ve developed into more then just ‘the average climber’. Both have specialized in climbing safety and equipment development, have both a teaching background and have not just something to tell about climbing, but about their whole life: Vertical Life.

They way they live (campervan/tiny house), they way they find their adventures (from expeditions to the iceclimbing worldcups), and how they are able to do this together as a couple.

Our Approach

We have one big sentence that drives our vertical life: Der Weg ist das Ziel. The road itself is the destination as Goethe once said. Their climbing is not just about the summit. It’s about the travel, the honesty, pureness.
This passion, is something we both like to share with you. As individuals or together, just what you like: through talks, lectures, clinics, courses and ‘The Vertical Life Experience’.

We both prefer to hold a personal talk, not just one ‘standardized’ lecture.


For example we took a group of CEO’s to Olympos Sportcenter, Utrecht. Held a lecture about how climbing has thought us how to work together, how to find the right way and inspired the group with video’s and pictures of her climbs around the World. Afterwards the whole group went to the climbing wall, the ones who dared (eventually the whole group!) climbed on the wall, to get a feeling for what it’s like to climb, hang, hold on, to use your body to get to the top. Of course afterwards there was time to evaluate and talk. Dennis was there too, to help out, answer questions and take memorable pictures of all participants. The concept we now call Vertical Life Experience can be fitted to any company on different locations with the aid of a nearby climbing facility (indoors or outdoors).

Ice Festivals

Dennis was invited to share his feelings about the cold substance: ice. During a festival where the main topic was: In Ice. The audience experienced though pictures and video’s what it’s like to move in the surreal world of iceclimbing.

Rope Manufacturers

Marianne recently went to Germany for the annual meeting of rope manufacturers. Here she held a quite technical lecture about climbing safety, focusing on the reliability of climbing ropes and other safety textiles in relation to her adventures. Afterwards she got to hear: “no one in the whole audience was on their phone or laptop, they were all silent and listening”.

Expedition Academy

Marianne, was also invited to tell about her experiences last year with the Expedition Academy during the annual MountainSports Award ceremony by the Dutch climbing Federation NKBV. The contrast couldn’t be bigger, pictures of her suffering on 5000m altitude on the screen whilst there on the stage she was wearing high heels and a luxury dress.

Is a lecture a little step too much? Consider buying us a coffee. 

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