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Swiss style

Just one more day left of our immense Winter trip.

2 months of non-stop Winter climbing all around. We traveled through 8 different countries, climbed 4 Worldcups and quite a proper bit of ice and mixed. Although it was not always good, satisfactory and fair we still had a good time.
Today we wanted to do something good, something that was just for us.
We drove to Kiental (after it took more then 2 hours to get the car started) and suddenly decided to stop in Mitholz instead :)
There was this waterfall Dennis tried years ago and he wanted a re-go. A free-standing in the start, an okay middle part and an impressive top bit. Graded in the old topo as 6-, in the new one as 5+ and Dennis remembered it as a full 6.
It was all dripping, leaking, wet. We didn’t bring our Gore-Tex so the softshell had to do the job. Forget the downjacket here…
After climbing it we can say: it was a 6. For sure.
To celebrate the fun that evening we drank Rivella and ate Rösti. Swiss style.
– movie soon :)

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