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  • Success is temporary

    Now we expected to just be there and train. Of course we’d try our best. But this? Really? Who would have known this :)

  • Ice, as remedy

    Sometimes you just want the swing the tools, use them for their true purpose. The simplicity, the pureness, the honesty of the game. As remedy for the successes and losses.

  • Worldcup tensions

    The comps can be such a rollercoaster! From the biggest succes to the just-miss. From the high to the lows, the love for the game, the hate for the failure. My gosh!

  • Dennis wins Sportsman of the Year award

    Thats one cool thing! Between all these sportsman in his town, between all these results, performances, presentations they chose the big ice climber. Whilst Dennis was climbing the Speed finals, back home he got the award of Sportsman of the Year. A small word from the winner:

  • Real comp training

    And what do you do to finish a good week? Attent a real comp! The Swiss welcomed us to their home comp, the finals of their National series. And we had fun!

  • Blausee dry stuff

    A thing we noticed with the Dutch is, they only climb toprope back home. We’re all a little scared for the real stuff due to the lack of realistic training scenario’s back home. So it was good to simulate a bit more ‘realness’ in the training.  

  • Ice is the real stuff

    Ice, is what it’s all about, not the first ice they (and we) climbed this season but sure it was something. It just feels great to climb ice :)

  • Kiental

    We were on a mission. We are on a mission this season. Broaden the sports, not just on the broader level, but grow the highest level in the Netherlands. And thus we train the new. Here, their first day with us. And it was cold, really cold, brrrrrrr :)

  • Here we go!

    Finally, after everything that let us down (car mechanics, finances, unexpected obligations, anything…) we’re finally ON THE ROAD! We’re feeling insecure, the freedom, the performances that are expected, the new environment. We have to get used to it all. Hopefully we adapt fast :)

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