Drytool hold “Pocket”


Drytool hold 316SS

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The verticallife drytool hold is designed for drytooling.

From training for beginners up to hardcore competition climbers.

The designs is long lasting and usable on indoor wall without obstruction from other (rock) routes.


  • Useable in all directions, from stein pull to undercuts
  • hole is small enough to prevent fingers getting stuck
  • M10 Bolt hole
  • Set screw hole
  • Tested up to 500Kg
  • Casted Stainless SS316
  • Designed in the Netherlands by Verticallife

Bolts for wall mounting or T-nut mountain available on request: info@verticallife.nl


Never use picks that are to thick and bulky, the pick should move freely in the hole.

We are not responsible for broken picks or injurys because of an user error.


US costumers can order directly or check Furnace-Industries



Weight 0.63 g
Dimensions 7 × 4 × 2.5 cm
  1. Dennis van Hoek

    perfect for training and aiming.Look very stylish even in house.
    Watch out with thick super aggressive picks from hardsteel like Krukonogi.

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