Rope keeper for lead rope solo Verticallife “Boot”


  • prevents backfeeding from the rope
  • Stainless steel ball to prevent wear
  • flexible TPU
  • keeps rope in place
  • fits every karabiner
  • makes it possible to tighten the rope

To prevent back feeding during rope solo climbing this rope keeper helps.

Back feeding is a well know problem for rope solo experts. Mostly solved with elastic bands or dangers prussic rope solutions.

These keepers are special design agains backfeed in small batches with 3D printed with TPU.

It will keep the rope in place without having to make knots ore fumbling around with elastic bands.

In case of a fall the elastic TPU material will release the rope without damaging the rope or the keeper.

TPU is a tough flexibel 3D printing material the surface is a bit stringy since this a hard to print material. This creates even better friction/ holding power for the rope. Looks may be deceiving they work!

There are different designs

Original grommet Matty Skinner with SS ball

Verticallife “boot” with SS ball

Placing them on the karabiners can be a bit of a struggle advice: use some disinfection handheld cleaning alcohol to slide them on. Use special karabiners to keep them on when they are finally in place.

Since TPU print is a hard to control process not all keepers will have the same finish and looks but the do work!

Weight 10 g

Matthew Skinner, Boot rope keeper, stacked rope keeper

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