The Art of Ice Climbing


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Everyone who has ever swung an ice tool, or wanted to learn, has something to gain from this excellent new book. Much more than your basic instructional manual, it presents an in-depth look at the sport of ice climbing, from the earliest alpine ascents to modern dry tooling. There is a wealth of information on climbing techniques, equipment, history, and even the science of ice itself. All ice climbers should pay close attention to the authors’ innovative “Check and Go” risk reduction method, and their detailed analysis of the different types of ice formations. Numerous photos, charts, and diagrams illustrate the text, and there are personal accounts written by top ice climbers and alpinists. Glaces: Expériences et Techniques is suitable for ice climbers of all abilities, as well as guides, instructors, and Alpine Clubs.

  • Language: English (French version on request)
  • 210 x 265 mm format, soft cover with flaps
  • 264 color pages

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