Two passionate climbers who like to share their experiences with you and everybody else in the world.

NK ijsklimmen 2016/2017

And we are off, ice climbing season 16/17 kicked off. Also the world cup started today in Durango US. Unfortunately a bit too far off for us but no tears: we have the second Dutch National Iceclimbing championship! We have been training from August onward with a steadily growing crew that also became stronger every training. Last week […]

Training for the Dutch National ice climbing championships

This weekend the Dutch National ice climbing championship will take place in Utrecht. The mixed climbing wall was closed for the last 2 weeks for route setting. So we took the climbuz to Starzlachklamm in Germany for training with upcoming talents. A short docu about the long weekend: Vertical Life – mixedklim training in Starzlachklamm […]

Drytooling got my heart on fire.

A week full of things happening: car issues, a lecture, my heart on fire and the drytool event at Usine. My heart on fire. Read about it here:  Tuesday November 15.  We missed the movie premiere at Grenoble. So wished we were there. So great they managed to publish the new movie! European climbing: ice, mixed, […]

The Crazy Climbing Monkeys

Background of Dennis and Marianne


Marianne van der Steen

Professional rock/ice monkey

Has always been stronger then the other kids and did her first pull-ups before she did her first steps.

Movement is her addiction and in climbing it all perfectly comes together. Getting better, improving, learing is what she always searches for.

Studied several things but prefers the outdoors. Likes to write and lives also in the VW T3 Syncro together with Dennis.


Dennis van Hoek

Professional rock/ice monkey

Fell out of a tree at the age of 3, from then on he always wanted to become a better climber. His whole life is in the picture of climbing.

Ever since he discovered iceclimbing, he has been inseperable with his ice-tools.

As an Industrial Designer he has a passion for designing climbing equipment.

Collects old climbing stuff and has one other hobby, the VW T3 Syncro. It is not just his van, it's his home.