Training drytools (limited edition 11/2022)


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The all new Verticallife  competition style indoor Drytools are limited available.

These are the first production run specialy made for extensive user testing.

They come at a super sharp price of 85€ and all we want back is your opinion/review after you tried them.

  • Competition style shaped tools
  • Real Vibram edge rubber (replaceable)
  • light weight Okoume wood
  • pick is optimised for pulling only (no torques/steins)
  • special design to prevent braking holds in (boulder) gyms.

preorder while available and they ship the first week of november 2022.


how to use these tools:


  • Why does my gym not allow these tools?

Because they don’t know the idea of training with wooden tools and are afraid that you break holds and they don’t want to be liable.

  • How can I make my gym accept indoor drytooling?

Show them the how to use the indoor drytool axes video and send them the link to this page. Make them aware of the possibilities and great training for iceclimbing.

  • Why can’t I stein pull/torque with these tools?

This is a design choice we made specially to make these tools safe for climbing gyms. Other brand tools are made much stronger so you can torque and stein pull with them.  This can result in broken holds and this is the last thing any gym owner wants. images the results of flying pieces of epoxy from 20 meters and the possible injuries…

  • How to replace the rubber?

Order a set of Vibram Edge rubber pads in our webshop and use contact glue (bison kit). Clean the glue area of the rubber and the tools from dust and grease with isopropyl alcohol. Put a thin layer of contact glue on the tool surface and the rubber surface. Wait for ~10-25 minutes before pressing the rubber on to the tool. Use rubberbands or tape to press the rubber on to the tool for another hour before use.

Drytools instructions Verticallife V1.1 10-2022


Weight 270 g
Dimensions 50 × 2.5 × 20 cm

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